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Web-to-Print Solutions

Integrate online ordering, personalization, production and fulfillment with a multi-channel web services solution that automates these processes for your end users. Integrated Design Solutions provides the full range of services including: job submission and tracking, development of customizable storefronts and template design, variable data publishing (VDP) functionality, campaign management, mailing list purchasing, digital asset management, printing, inventory control and integration with production workflow. hacked by ali afee id skype mr_afee 

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Tips and tutorials

How to prepare your work for printing

This guideline was created to help you in the process of preparing your files for printing in a commercial press. We want you to have a great experience in working with Integrated Design Solutions. We know that you worked hard in creating your artwork, that's why it is very important for us to achieve the best quality as it is possible when we print your work. If you need extra help in creating your artwork, please contact us here and we will be happy to assist you. Whenever you are ready to run your job you can upload your files here or send us a CD. Thank you again for thinking in Integrated Design Solutions!.

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Integrated Design Solutions was founded with a vision to integrate the world of print and electronic media and make it easier for customers to create and produce personalized communications. Integrated Design Solutions uniquely combines digital asset management, collateral customization and marketing automation into an easy-to-use storefront. Marketers visit this single location whenever they need to retrieve a logo, create a print or online marketing

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